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Deemo II release date revealed, releasing in January, 2022

Deemo II release date revealed, releasing in January, 2022

DEEMO II release date is set for January 13, 2022 as a free rhythm puzzle game on both iOS (via the App Store) and Android (via the Google Play Store).

Rayark also confirmed that pre-registrations for the game topped 700,000 users, meaning all players unlock different rewards for its release. A closed beta test was conducted in November, so Rayark corrects the game before its release.

DEEMO II Game details

DEEMO II is an adventure game that combines puzzle solving and rhythm games. In a world where there is “empty rain”, everything that gets wet in the rain will bloom with white petals and then disappear. The player controls the main character, Echo, and explores the mysteries of rain and white petals by playing music, exploring the field and talking to multiple NPCs.

Players will be able to enjoy the ups and downs of the epic story of the world of DEEMO II and interact with over 50 NPCs who will provide important clues to the story by fulfilling their wishes and fulfilling their requests. According to the official report, the phenomenon of “flowers blooming in the rain” is based on the disappearance of the image of living things, and they want you to feel the faded warmth and beauty of the turn-of-the-century atmosphere. Rainy scene in the void.

Main character in DEEMO II

The two main characters, Deemo and Iko, both have their own distinctive personalities. His unique dialogue and dialogue scenes often appear in the story. As the story progresses, the player will gradually understand their own goals and missions, which will also provide clues to the truth of this world.

echo – She is cheerful, energetic and full of challenge. She is a girl who shows no weakness in the face of difficulties and who is able to keep her spirits high. Sometimes she acts without thinking, but it’s all because of her kindness and sense of mission. He is convinced that the magician saved him and that he will one day return to save everyone.

Deemo – A mysterious guardian spirit created by a magician to protect Central Station. She prefers to act alone and rarely interacts with others, remaining silent even when someone is actively talking to her. She seems untouched by anything, but only when in contact with Echo does she show more emotion than usual.

One step ahead Introduction of the residents at Central Station

Chuo Station is home to a group of active and unique residents. Some of them are not very good at talking, so you will have to talk a lot with them to open their hearts. By understanding the relationship between the inhabitants and the main character, you will be able to discover clues that lead to the truth of the story.

  • Klaus – a craftsman in the workshop. He is good at repairing equipment. He is a difficult person, but a good person at heart.
  • Fatma – A kind and cheerful person with a kind heart. A girl who makes everyone laugh with her innocent things and is liked by everyone.
  • Wendell – a cheerful young man. He often tells us stories about his travels, but he is directionless and often gets lost.
  • Burger Master – He has a strong work ethic and has dedicated his entire life to making burgers. Whenever he meets a client, he talks endlessly about his philosophy.
  • Owen – A passionate climber. Despite being stuck at the station, he does not neglect his training and occasionally climbs walls.
  • Aries – She’s usually quiet, but the moment Deemo is mentioned, she’s a crazy fan. She enthusiastically collects information about Deemo and follows his activities as closely as possible.

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