June 6, 2023
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Copy and paste full web page with this new update.

Copy and paste full web page with this update.

Copying and pasting are two main functions of any computer. For Edge and Chrome users, Microsoft and Google are working together on a major update that will allow both web browsers to copy and paste a wider range of files than ever before.

When it comes to desktop browsers, Chrome and Edge are two of the most popular options on the market. Google Chrome is widely regarded as a browser for both Mac and Windows users, offering robust features, syncing with other devices, and seamless Google account integration. Microsoft Edge has quickly caught up with Chrome over the years. And since it’s installed as the default browser on every Windows machine, its reach for new users is huge. Edge and Chrome have a lot in common, and thanks to a new API jointly developed by Microsoft and Google, there is something interesting for users of these two browsers.

As first discovered in Windows Latest, Microsoft and Google are creating a “Pickle Clipboard API”. It’s a new series of APIs that change the way copy and paste works in Edge and Chrome, with the primary goal of making it more useful than ever. According to the report, the Pickle Clipboard API “will enhance standard Google Chrome and Edge clipboard functionality by allowing users to easily copy and paste a wide range of complex payloads (file types) between the browser and their own applications.”

Chrome & Edge Upgrade  copy and paste function

As of today, copy and paste in Chrome / Edge is limited to very simple file types including .txt, .jpg, .png, .html, etc. This is fine for many use cases, but when custom files like TIFF and. docx enters the mix, things don’t work as expected. With the Pickle Clipboard API, web applications and browsers will be able to copy and paste almost any type of file without any unwanted hassle. As Windows Latest explains, it allows people to “copy and paste custom file formats between web apps and native apps on Windows, macOS, Android and other platforms.”

The report highlights some of the other benefits of the API. With the ability to copy and paste in web applications and native applications, copying and pasting will take place in the OS clipboard rather than in the browser. Developers will also be able to create their own clipboard formats, all without compromising privacy or security.

It’s unclear when the Pickle Clipboard API will be ready to launch, but when it does, it seems like a welcome addition. The technical underpinnings of how things work are a bit tricky, but at the end of the day, all users need to know is that copying and pasting different files will be much more convenient.

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