May 28, 2023
New Delhi

Complete the Twilight Challenge in BitLife

This was the first weekend of February 2021 and we are now ready to perform our final BitLife task. To kick off February, players have a chance to complete the Twilight Challenge. Will you release your inner werewolf, or will you succumb to the dark desire to be a vampire? However, this issue has nothing to do with the choice of war with werewolves and vampires.

All the requirements to complete the allocation are:

  • Be born a female in Phoenix
  • Join the Goths Clique
  • Marry the first boy you date
  • Marry before the age of 20
  • Have a daughter named Renesmee

All of these tasks must be completed before you turn 20, so try to complete them as soon as possible. The first is to be a Phoenix Woman. You can choose this option when creating a new character in the game.

The next task is to join the Gothic Stream. This can be done when you enter high school and when you have gained enough popularity with others in high school. Sounds like the Mean Girls faction, but the Goths are a little more humble.

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The next step is to marry the first guy you’ve dated. You might want to refrain from the men you choose to start dating, so make sure the two of you always have a good relationship, this is a gift, spend time together. You can improve the situation with the constant conversation. This is associated with the following problems: Get married before age 20. It is advisable to start a relationship at the age of 16-17 in high school and get married after the two graduate from high school.

The last step is a little random. You and your husband need to have a baby as soon as possible because you need a daughter named Renesmee. If you are a woman, be sure to name your child Renesmee. Then you are ready to go.

After completing all these tasks, you will receive cosmetic items for all characters and accounts.

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