January 30, 2023
New Delhi

Capcom shares new details on “Monster Hunter Rise”. Demo coming soon, Watch Trailer

Capcom shares new details on "Monster Hunter Rise". Demo coming soon, Watch Trailer

Capcom has shared new details about the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise, including confirming the arrival of shows before release.

The digital event Monster Hunter Rise revealed a new and broader look to the game. As it leaped into new monsters, abilities, and locations. The stream has focused on a specific area known as the Frost Islands, which is an icy region inhabited by some unique monsters.

One of the new monsters is known as Goshalag. This is a scary monster that can create snowflakes from breathing. Another show called Ragonbi and you can slide across a snowy landscape on its stomach.

Several new monsters that were shown were flying at Woburn, including the electrically powered Barrios, the devastating Chigrex, and the Great Sagi, a monster who could be unconscious due to deadly fluids.

The broadcast also delves into the many traversal options available in the game. Including the ability to use wire bug dogs to compress maps and the new ability to tame and install some of the world’s different monsters. I did.

All of these elements are grouped together in Monster Hunter: A Player Center that behaves like the one in the world. Here, players can participate in missions, prepare meals, and train before their next hunt.

In addition to all the new details. Capcom has also confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise will be available for a demo on Nintendo Switch from January 8th to February 1st.

Demos are said to be a big part of the game and you can participate in all 14 weapons available and 4 missions. Several new items. Such as the Wyvern Ride, will also be available for players to test before they launch in March. 26. The entire demo can be tried locally and online, individually or jointly.

Monster Hunter Rise is not the only franchise game to appear on Nintendo Switch this year. The appearance of Monster Hunter Story 2, the sequel to the original Nintendo DS game, has been confirmed.

Both games will join other Nintendo Switch titles announced in 2021. Such as the Wii U Super Mario 3D Worldport and Shinmega Mitensei V.

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