June 3, 2023
New Delhi

Backup your Google photo it will not free from 1 June.

Many of you use the Google Photos feature on your smartphone. But now as of June 1, you will have to spend money to use Google Images. You may have heard and read this type of news, but it is not entirely true.

Picasa Web Albums is a Google service that you use as an app. In fact in this service Gmail users get a cloud space where they can store photos or videos. That means you can save images in Google storage by backing up.

To date, Google Albums provides unlimited storage for high-quality photos and videos. That means you can store as much as you want in Google’s cloud. However, the original quality still costs money to back up and only limited space is available.

The company is completing the unlimited space system starting June 1st. Users will now have only 15GB of Google Images. Doing so, whether you want to store photos or videos. If you want more than 15 GB of space, you need to buy Google’s cloud storage. It is worth noting that everything will be in this 15 GB. That is, from the email of your Gmail account even to the backup of Google images.

Google Photo Price after 1 June

If your work is not running in 15GB, you will need to purchase storage from Google as part of the Google One program. For example, if you buy 100 GB of Google cloud storage, you will have to pay 1,300 rupees a year. Similarly, if you buy 200GB of storage, you have to pay 2,100 rupees a year. If you buy 2TB storage, Google will have to pay 6,500 rupees annually for it.

If you switch to another option starting June 1, there are options like DropBox and Apple iCloud. However, Google’s cloud space can prove to be cost-effective compared to them. Let us tell you that before June 1st all the photos or videos you backed up in Google Photos, and if they are more than 15GB, they will remain the same. That is, if you think that before June 1 you will have to transfer your image from Google, this is not the case.

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