September 25, 2023
New Delhi

Asteroid Warning: NASA is unable to stop Asteroid. Europe and Northern Africa are on alert

Some experts, including space scientist Ian McDonald and physicist Neil Degrass Tyson, strongly believe that doomsday events like asteroid hits are not limited to the past, and may also occur in the future. Several asteroids, both small and large, regularly hit Earth, and to avoid a possible collision scenario, the US space agency NASA tried to devise a defense strategy to protect the blue planet. Companions found that current technology is not enough to stop an asteroid that can wreak havoc on Earth.

NASA Study using hypothetical simulation

During the study, researchers created a hypothetical simulation and attempted to determine the time required to prepare for a fatal asteroid flick. Scientists have established a scenario in which a mysterious asteroid reaches Earth from about 35 million miles, and experts have been given a week to prepare effective measures to prevent a possible collision.

On 02 day, scientists indicated that the sphere of influence would be Europe and North Africa, and over the weekend researchers concluded that the asteroid was hitting somewhere between Germany and the Czech Republic.

Is NASA incapable to stop approaching asteroids?

The scientists who participated in the study concluded that there is no technology in the world that could stop a giant asteroid at short notice, and they clarified that it would take more than half a year to deflect incoming space rock. Is it time scientists also noted that the risk of damage can be reduced to some extent by using nuclear explosive devices to disrupt the asteroid?

The researchers in the study wrote, “It appears that deploying a nuclear disruption mission is the only realistic mitigation option (if launched). It can significantly reduce the risk of impact damage even in the event of significant uncertainty in asteroid features.”

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