October 2, 2023
New Delhi

Are MediaTech and FinTech related?

Are MediaTech and FinTech related?

The medical technology revolution has already begun. They can be found in our homes, offices, kitchens, and on the way to and from work. We listen to Spotify, play Fortnite, and watch Netflix until morning.

For over a decade, the word “mediatech” has been used to refer to a web-based business with a focus on media and technology.

Fintech research shows that there are twice as many private companies worth more than a billion dollars in the media tech market today (116) than well-known financial companies. Spotify, Dropbox, and Snap! It ranks among the top 100 medical technology rhinos and unicorns of the past to be presented to the public, with a combined valuation of over $ 275 billion.

Media And Technology

The term “mediatech” refers to any company that combines digital media or technology over the Internet. The media aspect can include music, movies, television, games, advertisements, scientific media, news, and discussion channels.

These changes are mainly driven by medical technology companies and their ability to harness technological change while meeting the market needs that ultimately accompany these changes.

Most of the features we use today, such as common windows and icons, GUI, LAN, and display of what you see on the screen on printers, are part of our media technology legacy.

From a market perspective, mediatech paved the way for more new media and industries under mediatech’s roof.

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MediaTech And Our Lives

We are witnessing the emergence of a new generation of digital media giants, just as we did in the age of the desktop with a graphical user interface. They make our office life more efficient.

Campaign Monitor, for example, makes it easy to send beautifully illustrated emails, Slack for sharing documents, photos, and data across multiple devices, channels and formats, and Buffer for organizing social media posts.

The spectrum of media technologies is huge: Apple started with mobile music, Amazon with online book sales, and Tencent with online games. Today, the largest tech companies, each with a value of more than $ 200 billion, started with Mediatek.

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Some things that immediately come to mind are the big changes in game streaming due to 5G and cloud services, as well as more big screen to small screen and small screen to big screen jumping, augmented reality, and virtual reality. will appear on Immersive Gaming as we explore new features. And maybe we just need to use the word “esports”.

Last year alone, Twitch generated more than $ 1.5 billion in revenue, serving hundreds of hours of user-generated content, and two in ten internet users watched live gameplay in the previous month.

It is clear that we have witnessed a change in public attention and interest in media technology. MediaTech is interconnected with FinTech and can count on it in more contexts than we have achieved.


As the financial industry is rapidly embracing digitization and insights from organizations rapidly adopting technologies critical to today’s media technology environment, the media will continue to search for FinTech approaches to our relevance and our commercialization.

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