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Apex Legends Tier List February 2021: Everything that you need to know

Apex Legends Tier List February 2021: Everything that you need to know

After a month, you will see the Legends tier list for another Apex Legends. Season 8 is just around the corner this time (no puns). Also, let’s use the new Legend in Fuse to see the changes in Legend rankings. Please note that buffs and debuffs for the upcoming Season 8 will be included in the tier list.

S Tier- Wraith, Bloodhound, Gilbatrar

Even with planned nerfs, it's hard to see Wraith falling out of the top, Apex Legends Tier List February 2021: Everything that you need to know

The wraith may weaken next season, but this isn’t the first time Respawn has tried to balance her. She always seems to be on top, so even with nerfs she benefits from suspicion and stays at the top of the tierists.

Bloodhound is perfect for both beginners and veterans. He ambushes his enemies and knows how to look for them. And his ultimate in the hands of a good player can allow him to destroy the entire team alone.

Gilbatrar is simple, but he is the best legend for new players. His dome shield is very useful in combat and also protects him and his team from third parties. His passive abilities make it even harder to kill him, and his ultimate can wipe out enemies stupid enough to be outdoors.

A Tier – Lifeline, Pathfinder, Revenant, Crypto

How effective will the buffs to Revenant be next Season, Apex Legends Tier List February 2021: Everything that you need to know

Lifelines is a great support legend, and her health drone can make a real difference in the heat of battle. Her ability to fight while resurrecting a legend is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. Her ultimate requires special loot to upgrade her team weapons, but has the disadvantage that she warns other teams of her position.

After heavily weakening, Pathfinder’s Grasp cooldown was improved in Season 7 and is once again a valuable option. His passives are disappointing compared to other weapons, given that Apex revolves around movement and positioning, but his abilities are very strong in combat.

B Tier – Caustic, Bangalore, Wattson, Mirage, Horizon

The nerfs to Horizon knock her down a tier, Apex Legends Tier List February 2021: Everything that you need to know

Caustics and Bangalore are in tough places where good players can be very effective in both damage and support. However, bad players can be difficult for teammates if their abilities are abused. Therefore, both are classified as Level B because of volatility.

Watson is a purely defensive champion, legendizing her as a high-rise but low-ceilinged. If you can place a shot somewhere, Watson can actually build an electric fort. However, she is open to everyone because none of her abilities help her throw her opponent and it is difficult to use while she is on the move.

Mirage is a wonderful legend for newcomers who are easily fooled. However, the higher the rank, the less useful the Mirage is because it allows experienced players to detect holograms and deceptive tricks.

Horizon appeared a few months ago and made a very powerful debut. Her tactical ability is very strong and useful in almost all situations. Is it running? Her gravity lift will help you escape. In combat? The lift allows you to easily change the position. Are you trying to jump into the team? The elevator can give you height. So next season he will be weakened and she will fall, at least for now. Her ultimate isn’t the best, but it can do a good job of irritating her enemies and distract her.

C Tier – Loba, Octane, Rampart

Rampart's buff doesn't fix her core problem, Apex Legends Tier List February 2021: Everything that you need to know

The donkey’s abilities are great for plundering, but it’s at the bottom because it only has one ability to aid in combat. Her bracelet is good for escaping and changing position, but she can only teleport the donkey, forcing her to leave the team in battle. It might be more useful in a solo playlist that comes out in Season 8, but for now, she’s down.

Like the donkey, Octane may be stronger in a solo playlist, but so far he hasn’t offered much to the team. His final rebound cushion has mostly been replaced with Horizon, and his other abilities only benefit him. Wraith is the best option anyway if players want to choose a Legend that allows them to take down other teams on their own.

Rampart has improved the coverage of the Amped but has not eliminated the main disadvantage – too much time to set up the kit. In theory, it’s powerful to create a barrier that only you can shoot through, but her final minigun takes too long to set up, and cover also takes time to set up. If she can increase the time it takes to prepare the weapon, she can probably level up.

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