January 30, 2023
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Android Updates with 6 New Feature that will help you to this Holiday Winter

Android Updates with 6 New Feature that will help you to this Holiday Winter

As the holidays approach, we’ll share six new Google Android features. Besides major OS updates, there are several ways to make your phone more convenient over time. Whether you’re sending a holiday congratulatory text message to your loved ones or ending with a book, here’s how Android can help.

1. Mix up more of your favorite emoji

Android Updates with 6 New Feature that will help you to this Holiday Winter

At Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen, people have mixed their favorite pictograms into custom stickers more than 3 billion times since their release earlier this year. With this latest update, Pictogram Kitchen has grown from hundreds of unique design packages to over 14,000. Each combination makes it easy to express yourself with a little extra flair. Simply tap on two diagrams to quickly see suggested combos, or double-tap on a diagram to reveal more intense emotions.

A new version of Pictogram Kitchen, already available in Gboard Beta, will be available on Android 6.0 and later in the coming weeks. Download Gboard on Google Play and enjoy new planning kitchen posters for this holiday season. ❄️️⛄️

2. Enjoy more stories as audiobooks

Android Updates with 6 New Feature that will help you to this Holiday Winter

The holiday season is a great time to relax and peruse some books. Audiobooks are a great way to immerse yourself in the story. However, not all books, such as those written by your favorite freelance author, are converted to audiobooks. Google Play, which currently works with publishers in the United States and the United Kingdom, will use an auto-generated Narrator to list books without audio versions. In other words, more audio titles can be selected on the Play Store. The publisher tool for automatically listing audiobooks is currently in beta but will be rolled out to all publishers in early 2021.

3. Use Voice Access to navigate your device

Easily use and navigate your phone by speaking out loud with Voice Access

Designed with people with mobility disabilities in mind, VoiceAccess allows you to use voice to control your phone. Use machine learning technology to add labels to Android app screens, allowing you to work within the app with voice. For example, say “open image”, “click search”, “click on map” to see the map for all pictures. This makes navigation comfortable and hands-free, using only voice. This new version of Voice Access, previously published on Android 11, is now available globally on all devices running Android 6.0 and later. You can download VoiceAccess from Google Play and join the trial version now to try the new version.

4. Get around with the Go Tab

Android Updates with 6 New Feature that will help you to this Holiday Winter

The new Go To tab in Google Maps makes it easy to navigate to frequently accessed locations with a single click. Install your favorite destination, such as a school or grocery store, to quickly see directions, actual traffic, route interruptions, and accurate estimated time of arrival without having to enter a location address. If you use public transport, you can choose a specific itinerary. This allows you to see exact departure and arrival times, alerts from your nearest transportation, and updated ETAs directly from the Move tab. You can also install multiple routes (including driving and transit routes) to the same destination to see which routes reach them more efficiently. The Go Tab app will start appearing on Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

Check out other useful Google Maps features on Android, such as live transit congestion and auxiliary driving modes, to help you navigate this holiday season and perform tasks.

5. Android Auto expands to more countries

Android Auto is rolling out to more countries

In the coming months, Android Auto will expand to new countries, displaying your favorite apps. And services from your smartphone to your car screen. With Android Auto, you can talk to Google to play music, send messages, get directions, and stay on the go or at your fingertips. For smartphones running Android 10 or later, all you need to do to get started is to connect your Android smartphone to a compatible vehicle. For mobile phones with Android 9 and earlier, you can download the app.

6. Share your favorite apps with Nearby Share

Send and receive apps without cell or wifi connection

A future update for sharing nearby devices will allow you to share Google Play apps with others using your Android phone. Even if you don’t have a phone or Wi-Fi connection. Open Google Play, go to the Share apps menu in My apps and games. Select the apps you want to share, and let your friends accept the incoming apps. This update will be available in the coming weeks.

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