January 31, 2023
New Delhi

Amazon says some pre-orders for Xbox Series X won’t arrive until December 31

Amazon says some pre-orders for Xbox Series X won't arrive until December 31

Amazon is warning customers that pre-orders for the Xbox Series X may not arrive tomorrow. In an email to some Amazon customers, the retailer says it plans to ship some of the consoles “in the coming weeks as we receive more items in November and December.” Amazon estimates that the affected pre-orders will receive Xbox Series X devices no later than December 31st.

Emails are sent to a wide variety of people, and some who have pre-ordered on Amazon have not yet received a delivery notification just a day before the Xbox Series X launch. It’s amazing to see these emails arrive less than 24 hours before the Xbox Series arrives. X is suggested, but it is unclear how many people are affected by the delay.

Amazon sent a similar email to some customers who pre-ordered a PS5 back in September. He warned that some shipments may not arrive on November 12, and were shipped only two days after pre-orders began. We’ve reached out to Amazon to comment on the Xbox Series X situation and we’ll let you know.

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