September 22, 2023
New Delhi

Amazon modifies the app icon after comparing it to Hitler’s mustache

Amazon modifies the app icon after comparing it to Hitler's mustache

Amazon has quietly rolled out a slight update to its new app icon, which debuted in January, changing the colored stripes to unfortunately toothbrush-like mustache-like icons.

Toothbrush mustaches were forever associated with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, originally popularized by comedians like Charlie Chaplin in the early 1900s.

Amazon has made some changes to the icon, following customer feedback from its first launch to before the final design was released worldwide. An Amazon spokesperson commented: Doorstep. ”

It is a logical change. Amazon ad depicts an inverted arrow from A to Z decorating the packaging as a singing mouth, and in this light, the irregular edges and blue stripe width of the icon design prior to Tungso Real Trim. Similar to discomfort.

The updated code appears to completely fix the problem. Replace mustache-style gum with a two-tone foldable ribbon that hints at the (supposed) joy of ripping apart the Amazon package, rather than one of the most brutal dictators of our time. Date.

However, Amazon’s design team can get some comfort in sharing the famous records of modern companies having to shave their controversial mustaches digitally. Plus, the new code is already making a more convenient comparison. Apparently, the slanted bar now looks like Avatar: Creating The Last Airbender Anne instead.

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