January 31, 2023
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Amazon Echo Buds 2 price, features. Campare with the Amazon Echo bud

Amazon is back again with the iteration of the second generation thanks to its common echo buds. The wireless headphone market is growing and Amazon is smart enough to take advantage of this opportunity. They have released the second generation of Eco Buds and many users want to know the features, price, and where to buy them.

Amazon Echo Buds 2 Specification

It’s been almost a year since Amazon’s first headphones arrived and the company did a really good job with the first one. Now Amazon wants to increase its latest generation. They have added completely new features to improve the accessibility and functionality of their wireless headphones. With the latest generation of Echo Buds, they have taken a step towards the dream of becoming the best true wireless headphones. Check out the features of Amazon Eco Buds 2 below:

  • Dynamic Noise Canceling and Noise Canceling (ANC) – Premium speakers deliver sharp, balanced sound. Opaque in-ear design and ANC limit background noise.
  • Compact and comfortable – Eco Buds are small, lightweight, and sweat-resistant, with a secure fit for customization that can be moved with the user.
  • Hands-free entertainment – EcoBuds works with the Alexa app to stream music, play podcasts and read audiobooks
  • Long-Lasting Battery – Get up to 5 hours of music on each charge and up to 15 hours of music playback with a charging case. 15 minutes of fast charging provides up to two hours of music.
  • Keep your phone in your pocket – Use voice to make calls, set reminders, add items to a shopping list, or even start a meditation session.
  • Works with other assistants – Compatible with iOS and Android, and supports access to Siri and Google Assistant.
  • Designed to protect your privacy – EcoBuds is built with multiple layers of privacy controls, including the ability to mute the microphone using the Alexa app.

Amazon Echo Buds 2 Price

Many users are thinking about Amazon Echo Buds 2 Price. Amazon made it easier to purchase their devices and they followed the trend with the new Eco Buds as well. There are two types that users can purchase for new EcoBuds, one with a wireless charging case and the other with a Type C charging case. Or INR 10,500.

Amazon Echo Buds 2 vs Amazon Echo Buds

Audio performance

Without a more thorough investigation of the Amazon Echo Buds (second generation), we cannot properly assess the sound quality offered – but our initial assumption is that it is far above average, but the best wireless on the market Not better than headphones. .

Having said that, there seems to have been a major improvement in the original echo buds; We found that they had overcome a sloppy bass and immediate lack of loyalty. By comparison, the second-generation HD2 buds provide far more detail, with great left / right separation and a rich tone.

Nevertheless, none of the models come with high-resolution audio support, nor in spatial audio formats such as the Sony WF-SP800N and Apple AirPods Pro.

Noise cancellation

Unlike the original Echo Buds, the new version comes with full active noise cancellation. Again we will have to test them more thoroughly before we come to a conclusion, but so far we have found that ANC technology is fine for preventing constant domestic noise with your music, but we think they will have a hard time making the thunder sound sockets of a plane or metro train.

Nevertheless, there has been a significant improvement in the way the buds eliminate the sound – Amazon claims that the new Echo Buds hold almost twice as much as their predecessors. It makes sense that the original Amazon Echo Buds have noise reduction technology instead of completely active noise cancellation, which is definitely a welcome upgrade.

Battery life and connectivity

According to Amazon, the new Echo Buds should last about five hours with ANC and voice recognition options enabled, plus 10 hours of juice in the case. The number seems accurate to us based on our usage so far, although you can spend a little more on headphones (about 6.5 hours) when these features are turned off.

It is not really as impressive as the original Echo Buds, which offered five hours of charging from headphones, and another 15 from the charging case. Too bad Amazon hasn’t made any improvements here, with the best noise-canceling headphones offering much longer operating times.

Both generations of Echo Buds come with Alexa’s surprise (surprise, surprise). This means that the headphones always listen to the Alexa command (unless you turn this feature off), allowing you to control the playback of your music with free hands, as well as asking the assistant to do the work. , Tell you the news and create a calendar of events. This is a great feature, as long as you are an Alexa follower.

Connectivity appears to be different between the two models; Both use Bluetooth 5, which should provide a stable connection to your device.

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