January 28, 2023
New Delhi
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Amazfit Neo is a retro style watch geared towards fitness and costs Rs 2,499.

Amazfit Neo has a 160 mAh battery and Amazfit claims it is enough for up to 28 days of use. Charging is done by the unique charging solution that comes with the watch.

It’s definitely a good idea to use it as it’s raining on the wearable. If you’re looking for something else, it’s a good idea to check out the newly published Amazfit Fitness Tracker. Don’t be fooled by the vintage design, as the watch has many health and wellness features.

Amazfit Neo comes with a PPG heart rate sensor that provides 24/7 heart rate tracking. It also does the basics for tracking steps and calories burned. In addition, three-sport modes are supported: walking, running, and cycling.

Amazfit specification and price

Neo can also track sleep and weighs 32g, so putting it to bed might not be difficult. Like other Amazfit trackers and watches, Neo also offers PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence), which uses various metrics like heart rate and activity time to assess your fitness level.

when amazfit neo launch and what is the price in india

Displaying all the information is a 1.2-inch black-and-white display with a circular notch that adds a vintage look. Thanks to the accelerometer, Neo also has a lift-to-wake feature. There are four buttons to control the clock-two on each side. The body is made of plastic and has 5 ATM certifications.

The Amazfit Neo has a 160mAh battery, and Amazfit claims it’s good enough for up to 28 days of use. Charging is handled by a special shipping solution that comes with your watch.

The latest MDAs like the Amazon Summit Band 5 may not be packed with FEAT features, but the Amphitrate Nine offers a unique design.

The nine is priced at 2,499 Indian dollars and is available in red, black and green colors. This watch works on both Android devices (5.0+) and iOS (iOS 10.0+).

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