January 31, 2023
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After WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger introduces a new “Vanish Mode”. This is how it works

After WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger introduces a new "Vanish Mode". This is how it works, Tech News


  • According to Facebook, this feature is great for memes, GIFs, stickers, or reactions.
  • The company claims that this feature has been integrated into the app, allowing users to be at the moment and share it with close friends and family.

After entering the disappeared message in WhatsApp, Facebook is ready to spread similar functions to the Messenger platform. This new feature disappears, as the name suggests when the recipient reads the message in the chat and closes the window.

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The company released a statement announcing the new features and intent behind them. According to the company, this feature is built into the app and helps users “share now with close friends and family without worrying about continuing chats.” In this release, Facebook explains that this feature is great for memes, GIFs, stickers, or cool reactions when sending, but you might not want to keep it in your chat history.

How to use Facebook Messenger “Vanish Mode”?

To use this new feature, the user must swipe up on the phone in an existing chat thread. The user will then be in Vanishing Mode. When the user scrolls again, they return to the normal chat. This feature is illustrated within the app to provide instructions and make users easier to understand.

This new feature will initially be launched in the United States and several other countries. The company also claimed that it will soon be deployed in European Union countries. WhatsApp and Instagram have already started implementing this feature. Facebook last week announced the ability to delete messages in WhatsApp.

Both the sender and the recipient must activate the feature for the user to send a message that disappears. It will not work if neither party is involved. Just as the Snapchat post succeeded, the platform notifies the sender when the recipient takes a screenshot of the message sent in the messaging program.

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