May 28, 2023
New Delhi

Adding Fortnite to the top football stars as new skins: HKANE & WOODYINHO

Adding Fortnite to the top football stars as new skins: HKANE & WOODYINHO

Fortnite developer Epic Games has revealed that the popular free to play battle royale game will not only become a little more exotic as part of the last and greatest season ever — but a little more football as well. New icon skins and other cosmetics based on the likes of England captain Harry Kane and two-time German player of the year, Marco Reus, are set to join Fortnite, according to the developer. Both are scheduled to join the Icon series as a package or separately as of tomorrow, June 11, 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT.

In addition, Fortnite will also be hosting the fortnightly UEFA Euro 2020 Cup, starting on 16 June. Players will be able to compete to win cash prizes as well as in-game cosmetics. The competition for two days will have two rounds; the leaders will advance from the first round to the second round while in the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, they will be the top 500 players. After the end of the second round, outstanding players in each region will receive $50,000 for the share. Get at least 20 points! Spray too.

As mentioned above, Marco Reus and Harry Kane from the Icon Outfits series and such are due to be released tomorrow, June 11th. Fortnite is currently in episode 2 – season 7 and is currently available on most major platforms, but the iOS version, in particular, has hit a chord after Epic Games deliberately targeted a series of events that led to its release as an app. Take out of the store. . The legal battle over this decision continues, but the short version is: Nobody is playing Episode 2 – Season 7 on the iPhone right now. You can see all of our previous reviews on Fortnite here.

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