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5 reasons to participate in the 2021 TC Early Program in April

5 reasons to participate in the 2021 TC Early Program in April

Only a few days from the start of the initial phase of the Shareholder Program 2021: Operation and financing on April 1st and 2nd. Dedicate a two-day program-filled day to the founders of the early stages of startup life (before the establishment of a corporation by Series A). The event agenda features interactive presentations covering a variety of core topics such as financing, operations, growth, product and market suitability, and product management.

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Everyone is busy. all right. However, this virtual conference (VOD means you won’t miss a session) gives you the flexibility of your schedule for intense diving with the shirted professionals made there. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Learn from the best.

Below are just five of the many reasons why you need to participate in the first phase of the shareholder program on April 1st and 2nd to educate you.

1. Bootcamp your way to success

Building a successful startup requires a unique learning curve. It takes dedication and patience to master many of the basic skills needed to build strong and intelligence.

The early phase of 2021 is a fully integrated flagship store that learns from experienced professionals, founders, and investors. Learn from experts in the target area of ​​the entire startup ecosystem to help you avoid costly mistakes.

Participants said: “The first phase of 2020 provided an enriching Bootcamp experience for pioneering founders, venture capitalists, and startup community professionals. If you are starting a startup, it is effective to deepen your knowledge across all of the startup’s main topics. This is the way.” – Katya Paramonova, Centrally founder and CEO.

2. Build community and expand your network

Have you ever thought of going alone? In the early stages of 2021, you will benefit from the global community of people who, like you, are the founders of early and often confusing rounds of startups. Connect and unite, share issues, discover opportunities and celebrate success. The virtual platform chat feature is a lock on custom meetings, and the AI ​​networking platform CrunchMatch helps you find and schedule meetings with people who can make your dreams more real.

Participants said: “TechCrunch is doing this, doing it incredibly well at virtual events, connecting strangers, and creating a truly collaborative community.-Jessica, Director of Marketing & Communications at Infinite-Compute. McLean.

3. Special Breakout Sessions

Don’t miss our interactive hacking partners series and get answers to your burning questions. Everything you need to know about a merger or acquisition, from the benefits of adopting OKR to protect your company’s intellectual property, to achieving good operations from the start, and the development process through quick feedback. Get expert advice on a variety of topics, including acceleration.

4. Do you science?

Does using biology as a technology to tackle the enormous challenges of human and global health give you a huge business goose? Don’t miss scientist entrepreneurs-a breakthrough engineering biology company scale-up. This special presentation from Mayfield will cover scaled-up startups and address three areas that influence the trajectory of funding, recruitment, and product design.

5. The TC Early Stage Pitch-Off

The second day is marked by interesting notes. See 10 global companies in their early stages picked by TechCrunch’s editorial team to the top of the VC board. With all 10 competitors receiving a valuable offer, the ultimate winner will win a TechCrunch.com feature, an annual Extra Crunch subscription, and admission to TC Disrupt in September. Advanced Tips: Take notes – Watching presentations is a great way to improve your presentation skills.

There are many things to learn and many reasons to go. Buy your card and join the community at TC Early Stage 2021: Operations & Fundraising on April 1-2.

Is your company interested in sponsoring or offering in the early stages of 2021 – operations and financing? Please fill out this form and contact our sponsorship sales team.

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