January 30, 2023
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1999: Apple, Google, and Amazon sites looked like

What Apple, Google, And Amazon’s Websites Looked Like In 1999

That year was 1999. Chars’ “Believe” exploded on a pop radio station, Bill Clinton was banished, Benx’s neighbors hit a big screen, and echoes, whistles, and stable internet connections rang in family rooms around the world.

The World Wide Web was still young at the time-annoying, embarrassing, and very slow. The dot-com foam was still growing during the explosion. Viewers have been using the Internet for less than a decade, and those who create content online (before they are collectively referred to as content) often throw things at the wall.

“The 1990s were characterized by exploring the possibilities of graphic design on the web and exploring ways to deal with web design, as the vast majority of web designers at the time had only print design experience. “, Says Petco Bar, the founder of the Web Design Museum. Sponsor an online gallery of sites from the 1990s onwards with email messages.

Kovar said that many websites today look the same because they “emphasize accessibility, applicability, and user experience at the expense of visual reliability.” Prague-based UX designers added that wasn’t a bad thing, but 1990s web designers crave colorful wallpapers and Comic Sans. Corporate brands don’t embrace this aesthetic, but many companies such as Amazon, AOL, and AltaVista chose box grids and color palettes before the new millennium. (AOL was the most lively at the time.)

AltaVista was the search engine my family used in the '90s. It was founded in 1995, bought by Yahoo in 2003, and then shuttered in 2013. It had strong grid energy in 1999. tech news

Amazon had already expanded beyond books into electronics and other goods by 1999. Its homepage back then was filled with blue hyperlinks. Today, it's all slick and shiny with lots of product cards. tech news, gadgets, review of product

In 1999, Apple had a "Hot News Headlines" section on its homepage. Now its homepage is all bold colors and feels like the spirit of Helvetica. tech news, gadgets, review of product

On a non-doodle day, Google's homepage doesn't look that drastically different from 1999. (Minus that big Beta.)

MSN's 1999 homepage has the same love for grids as AltaVista and so many other websites back then.


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